28 comments on “Epically Awesome Award

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  2. Thank you for the nomination Deborah…..I really appreciate it! My blog is award free as well 😦
    but I am humbled you would consider my blog for any kind of award! Thank you again.

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  3. Thank you for doing the award. i do them knowing a high % of people will not do them. I try to do all I am nominated unless someone nominated me twice for the same one. I liked your answers. I hope it was somewhat fun for you to do. it certainly help have people see you when I make a big nomination list:)

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    • You’re welcome Paul. Yeah, I have to admit that I’d been on a busy mode for the last two days that’s why the answers were a bit late. Thank you! Yep, It is. It’s really fun blogging. Its a good diversion tool. Haha. The good thing about it, I could write what I want even intense feelings and emotions😊.

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      • Yes I agree. Though for me I made the mistake of telling my sister I had a blog and at first I had it on my training website and she saw it and made fun of it. Then, if she or home life was mentioned I got torn up over it. It drove a wedge between us that already had issues. But now I am in I will write what I feel like and what comes out of me:)

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      • Sometimes it is better not to let them know. There’s a point in our life that we cannot stop caring. It’s our nature. 😊 We’re born to care. I salute you caring about her home life and hope you’re in good terms now. Yeah, going forward to have more intense feelings to come out! God bless Paul.

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      • Yea we will never end up speaking again after we go our separate ways. She is too stubborn, wrong about 80% of what she thinks she knows about me and any family history, let alone many standard things and the way she treated me while here and I lost half my clientele due to her lollygagging and unable to rebuild, try as I may, she thinks I am either doing better than I suggest or not trying. The writing I did not want her reading but when I started it I had other plans that did not pan out and I changed. I had months ago being told I would get kicked out if certain posts were not taken down. nothing bad and always mocked and she mocked all of my friends here and their writing. I needed a lot of things to go right and I got a huge shot to the head to work a 3 day gig next week that would make me enough to be fine for a decent amount of time. I was told they did not need me. I asked if I am still concidered an employee as I work for the venue and they have 30 bartenders and need 80. Which means they asked for temps before me and I am considered royalty there. it is quite crippling. It was my best option though I am always looking.

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      • Oh, she’s quite harsh. She might be too intellect as she thinks differently. Siblings are still siblings. No one can change that. I hope tomorrow will offer you both a second chance. I can sense you’re strong enough to overcome what you’re passing through right now. God is good all the time. Just wait and in time, everything will be alright. I am certain of it. 😊


      • Well I have massive physical issues, lack of work and resources and she likes to be brutal. She doesn’t get over things. I am stubborn myself but I at least admit making a mistake, she doesn’t have that button and us being family means nothing to her. She has told the kids not to talk to me for 3 months or they will get punished. She is that ridiculous.


  4. Deborah, thank you – I am so touched that you have chosen to nominate me for this Epic Awesomeness Award. However, I need to let you know my blog is award free. I will acknowledge all nominations in a post in a couple of months time and include a link to your site. Thank you again πŸ™‚

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